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Nikita Parmar

Updated on 03rd March, 2023 , 5 min read

Seating Arrangement Questions Question and Answers with Tips and Tricks

Seating Arrangement Questions Overview

Seating Arrangement Questions are asked in almost every government exam, college entrance exam, and similar competitive exam. These questions are based on the arrangement of objects or persons according to the situations created in the questions. These questions are based on seating sequence pattern, the direction facing outside or inside, etc. The questions can also contain the data to be in an improper or jumbled format so, it is important that you segregate the data before answering the question. 

What is the Seating Arrangement?

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Students preparing for competitive exams must read through the brief introduction to the notion of seating arrangement before moving on to answering questions based on it. When information is provided regarding a group of people and where they are supposed to sit, this information is referred to as a seating arrangement in the context of reasoning ability. This can be a straight line, a circle, a rectangle, or any other arrangement of people or objects. This idea is used as the basis for a large portion of the reasoning section's questions. Therefore it is important to place a strong emphasis on preparation for it and try to answer more and more questions based on it.

Types of Seating Arrangement

These questions can be divided into different categories with the kind of seating arrangement that they provide you with. It can be divided into three categories or arrangements, these are-

  1. Rectangular Arrangement: Here, you have to arrange people at a rectangular table. You need to keep in mind the directions so that you do not get confused.
  2. Linear Arrangement: Here, you have to arrange people in a linear form, these types of questions are usually easy to crack.
  3. Circular Arrangement:This type of seating arrangement question is somewhat similar to a rectangular arrangement, except here, people need to arrange it in a circular form.
  4. Double Row Arrangement: In these seating arrangement questions, people are to be arranged in two rows, usually facing each other. 
  5. Complex Row Arrangement: They are similar to linear arrangement questions in terms of arrangement and properties. Whereas linear arrangement has only one property – complex seating arrangement questions have multiple properties like positioning, objects, etc. 

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Seating Arrangement Questions Things to Keep in Mind 

Before we start looking at the questions and their solutions, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind before attempting these questions-

  1. Don't overlook any information. This can be done by attentively reading the questions.
  2. Practice answering different kinds of questions.
  3. Take notes and record everything; this will make problem-solving much simpler.
  4. Questions about seating arrangements often carry a weighted average of 8 to 10 marks. If the examinee responds to the arrangements swiftly and effectively, they can score high in seating arrangement questions.
  5. In most cases, seating arrangement questions have subparts, and if the examinee can figure out the arrangement, they can rapidly get 4 to 5 marks for each seating arrangement.

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Seating Arrangement Question: Sample Questions

EXAMPLE 1: In an exhibition, seven brands have put up their stalls. Each of these stalls faces east. The seven brands that have put up stalls stall include- SG, Asics, Crocs, Adidas, Puma, H&M, and Reebok. SG is next to the right of Reebok. Reebok is fourth to the right of Crocs. Adidas is between Asics and H&M. Crocs, which is third to the left of Asics, is at one end.

Q1. Which of the given pairs is correct for the brands displayed at the two ends of the line?

A) Crocs, H&M

B) SG, H&M

C) Crocs, Puma

D) Puma, Reebok

E) Reebok, Crocs

Q2. Which brand is displayed on the immediate right of SG?

A) Puma

B) Reebok

C) Adidas

D) H&M

E) Asics

Q3. H&M is to the immediate left of _______

A) Asics

B) Crocs

C) Adidas

D) Puma

E) Reebok

Q4. Which brand is being displayed exactly between Asics and SG?

A) Reebok

B) Crocs

C) Puma

D) H&M

E) Adidas

Q5. Which brand is being displayed to the immediate right of SG?

A) Cannot be determined

B) Asics

C) Puma

D) Reebok

E) Adidas

Q6. Puma has put up a stall to the immediate right of which brand?


B) H&M

C) Reebok

D) Puma

E) Crocs

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EXAMPLE 2: Read the data given below and, based on it, answer the following questions:

Six girls, X, Y, Z, S, and P, are sitting around a circular table. All of them are facing toward the center of the circle. P is not sitting between Y and S but someone else from the group. X sits to the left of Q. Z is to the right of X.

Q1. Who sits second to right on Q?

A) Z

B) X

C) S

D) Y

E) Either option ‘3' or ‘4'

Q2. Who is sitting opposite Z?

A) S

B) Q

C) X

D) P

E) Y

Q3. Who sits second to the right of X?

A) Q

B) S

C) Z

D) P

E) Y

Q4. Who exactly sits exactly between S and Y?

A) P

B) Q

C) X

D) Z

E) None of the Above

Q5. Who sits second to the left of X?

A) Z

B) Q

C) S

D) X

E) P

EXAMPLE 3: Read the information given below and answer the following questions:

A total of 10 people—5 men and 5 women—are sitting in two parallel lines, facing each other. Five men, namely, Ram, Bharat, Raj, Rocky, and Virat, are facing the south, and the five women, Meenal, Neelu, Smita, Preeti, and Arpita are facing the north. Bharat, who is just next to the left of Rocky, is opposite Arpita. Raj and Neelu are diagonally opposite each other. Virat is opposite Smita, who is just next to Meenal. Preeti, who is just to the left of Arpita, is opposite Rocky. Meenal is at one end of the line.

Q 1. Which two people are sitting at the two extreme ends of the line?

A) Virat, Bharat

B) Ram, Raj

C) Raj, Rocky

D) Rocky, Bharat

E) None of the Above

Q 2. Who is sitting right in front of Rocky?

A) Neelu

B) Meenal

C) Smita

D) Preeti

E) Arpita

Q 3. Who sits exactly in between Meenal and Neelu?

A) Preeti

B) Smita

C) Arpita

D) Virat

E) Cannot Be Determined

Q 4. Who sits opposite Smita?

A) Raj

B) Virat

C) Rocky

D) Bharat

E) Ram

Q 5. Who is sitting at the right corner of the women's line?

A) Meenal

B) Smita

C) Arpita

D) Preeti

E) Neelu

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of seating arrangements are there?

Ans. There are five common types of seating arrangement questions. They are rectangular, linear, circular, double row and complex row arrangements.

What is Seating Arrangement Question?

Ans. In reasoning ability, when a piece of information is given about a group of people and the manner in which they are seated, such an arrangement is called a seating arrangement.

In which exam does Seating Arrangement question come?

Ans. Almost every government exam and university entrance exam has Seating Arrangement Questions but here are a few exams which have these questions: CLAT, IPMAT, SBI PO, NMAT, SNAP, IPU CET, DU JET, etc.

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