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Bhargavi Singh

Content Writer


Bhargavi is a versatile content writer with a fair experience of 2 years. She loves to read fictional novels and her love for poems has made her compose a few and to give wings to her writing skills, she became a content writer. She is a firm believer of good food good mood and she likes to stay in touch with current affairs.

News and Articles by Bhargavi Singh

How to Become a Professor: in India, After 12th, Courses, Top Colleges, Jobs and Salary 2023

2023-08-09 11:47:26

Professors empower their students with a plethora of knowledge that they have gained through books and experience. They are also referred to as the te


2023-09-13 10:56:38

LPUNEST increased multifold when the university received highest NAAC Grade. LPUNEST also provides the option of Online remotely proctored