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Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITTM), Noida  Course & Fees Noida, Uttar Pradesh

 ESTD 1983
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MBA in Tourism & Hotel Management

2 Years 3,40,000

BBA (Tourism & Hospitality)

3 Years 2,80,000

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Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITTM), Noida - Reviews


Sriharsha HK MBA / PGDM Student

5 years ago

A review on the MBA (Travel & Tourism) course at IITTM Noida 5/5

Review of IITTM - A student’s perspective Disclaimer: I’m a current student of the MBA batch who was just curious as you to know about this college before you joined. Hence I’m writing this review to make it easy to make a decision. You can read the facts about the college at the official website- This is just my take on the experience in the college as of now. If you are highly passionate about travelling (well, who isn’t!) and more than that passionate to make people travel to show the world through your lens, you should read further. What is IITTM? * Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India. * Headquartered at Gwalior but also has centres at Noida (The one I’m studying in right now and the one with the highest exposure to the industry), Bhubaneshwar, Nellore and Goa. *Founded in 1983 by the Ministry of tourism to be an apex skill centre for the tourism industry and eventually into an apex educational body for Tourism education in India. *If you enter the tourism industry, you are bound to bump into students from IITTM everywhere! *It acts as a think tank to the Govt of India for Tourism projects and even the students get to be a part of it! * It’s the only college chain in the country under the Tourism Ministry to focus only on Tourism Education! **How I found the college?** With an Engineering background in E&C and a job in the IT industry, I started to look out for a career shift. Having travelled across the country during my Engineering times, I decided to enter the Tourism Industry and make a career out of it. With no formal education in Tourism, after a good research, I zeroed in on IITTM Noida to start my MBA in Travel&Tourism. Courses offered? * IITTM offers a 2-year full-time MBA and a 3 Year full-time BBA course in the Travel and Tourism Niche. * The MBA is offered in collaboration with IGNTUniversity, Amarkantak, MP. * The MBA curriculum is completely focused on Tourism as a subject. How to get admissions? * The yearly session starts in July and the admission process begins during May. * For more details please refer - Who should join? * If you are highly passionate about the lucrative Travel industry and want to go deep into the field. * Passionate people who wants to think out of the Box and highly creative. * To be a part of an industry where you work for the happiness of people. * Get to travel while making people travel. NOTE: During the MBA course, you are required to study about travelling and not just travel :) Why MBA? * To be an Entreprenuer. * To learn to be a an effective Manager in the Tourism Industry. * To network with the industry experts and learn the nuances of the trade before you enter the industry. Why a Niche MBA? In a specialised MBA like HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing you get to specialize in those fields only. You start viewing all industries from the lens of those speciality. However I lean more towards having a Niche MBA. You get to view a single field (Tourism) under the lens of HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing giving you a wholesome view of the industry. You get to specialize in an industry than in a work profile! What do you exactly study? Listing out some of the subjects I’m currently studying- * Geography * Accounts * HRM * Business Communication * History * Spanish * Tour and Travel Operations * International Tourism * Manegerial Economics * Marketing (Yet to study) * Principle of Management Please do look into the entire syllabus and get a fell of what you’ll be doing during the course of 2 years. (For the full list of syllabus- You also get to do a mandatory 2 months internship in the industry after the 1st year (For which I’m gearing up as I’m writing this). What about infrastructure? As a college, I found the infrastructure to be great. We have clean classrooms with AC and a serene lawn. I love the building mainly for its symmetrical design! Well, you could check out the pictures here for a clear picture. Regarding the hostel, The food is great and also the rooms are clean and good. Again, hostel is how you make of it. What about the faculty? * Just like every college, you get a mixed bag. * I personally love the teaching of some of the faculty which is practical and industry oriented. * I would recommend you to visit the college and have a talk with the faculty yourself to get a clear picture. * In an MBA level course, teachers are there to guide you mainly to check if you are in the rght direction. If you still expect spoon feeding in Post graduation level, probably you should go back to school and wait until you are an adult. How are the students? * Again a mixed bag here. * I get to interact with some of the passionate class mates who have travelled the country and are from diverse backgrounds and regions. I would however love to see a betterment in this aspect. Again, the youth of India still hasn’t realised tourism as an important career prospect yet. * The best part is you get an huge oppurtunity to learn and experiment in this aspect. * If you are someone who is passionate about travelling, join the college and be a the change you want to see in the world. Career growth * More than reading my words, I urge you to read this article by the director of IITTM, Mr.Sandeep Kulshreshta to know what you can do in the Tourism industry here - ( * Tourism as an industry is highly fragmented, hence the oppurtunity to be an Entreprneur is huge! * The industry is in highly need of skilled resources (I can bet my arse on this after networking with some of the Industry experts). By skilled I basically mean - Passionate, Empathtic, Amazing chaps who are creative. Finally why should you join IITTM? * Travel is an art and a science. If you are someone who is analytical and love to think beyond the box, IITTM is one of the best place to be in for the industry exposure and for the chance to experiment. * You get to work on some of the projects of Ministry of Tourism! You get to directly impact tourism industry at the apex level. * If you have read till here, then you should defintely join since you seem to be intrested :) If you are still confused, you can drop in an email to me at sriharsha.hk12[at]gmail[dot]com with your queries. [Please don’t spam me with questions for which you can find answers on the website or internet!]


Amit Kumar Singh MBA / PGDM Student

5 years ago

College to study 5/5

IITTM is the best college in the Noida, in my opinion, this college was made for providing education related to travel and tourism but now there are many courses in the college and my college is also one of that If we talk about the sports then we have only indoor games in the college.


Rajeev Travel and Tourism Student

6 years ago

Best Institute for Travel -Tourism and Air Fare Ticketing Course 5/5

The faculties are very knowledgeable and they also provide excellent Skill Development.

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