Textile Design

Fashion Design [Fashion Design]

Textile design helps students understand the creation and functional utilization of various textiles. The program would focus on the ideation and creation of different fabrics.

Course Curriculum

Year 1

  1. Communication skills
  2. Basic design
  3. Colors and textures
  4. Fabric design structure
  5. Art in Indian traditional textile design
  6. Applied Sciences
  7. Processes of textiles
  8. Practical aspects

Year 2

  1. Mathematics of textiles
  2. Wet preparatory processes
  3. Weaving
  4. Fabric manufacture
  5. Structural fabric design
  6. Information technology basics
  7. Technology of dyeing
  8. Manufacture of fabric
  9. Technology of printing
  10. Testing and quality control
  11. CAD application in textile design
  12. Industrial training

Year 3

  1. Manufacture of fabric
  2. Dyeing technology
  3. Quality control and testing
  4. CAD in textile design-advanced applications
  5. Environmental education
  6. Employability skills
  7. Portfolio of design
  8. Personality development camp
  9. Knitted designs
  10. Garment construction
  11. Management basics
  12. Employability skills
  13. Project Work

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