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Imtikokba Jamir

Content Writer


Imtikokba is a passionate and creative writer and lover of books who graduated with honors in English. With a creative spirit, he loves to weave captivating stories that ignite the imagination. Poetic at heart, he seeks inspiration from diverse literature, someday aspiring and hoping to leave a lasting mark on readers.

News and Articles by Imtikokba Jamir

PhD in Economics: Courses, Syllabus, Top Colleges, Scope & Salary 2023

2023-08-18 06:26:06

Ph.D. in Economics is a 3 to 5 years long course that requires a postgraduate degree in Economics and a recognized Bachelor's degree in Economics or E

First University In India: Role, Achievements, Courses, Admission Process, and Fee Structure

2023-08-31 08:38:48

Nalanda, situated in ancient Magadha (now Bihar), eastern India, was a renowned Mahavihara Buddhist monastic university (the first university in India

IIM Kashipur Rankings 2023: Latest Updates, NIRF Ranking, IIRF Ranking, Outlook-ICARE & Business Today

2023-10-17 07:32:58

IM Kashipur, an esteemed member of the IIMs, was founded in 2011. IIM Kashipur's rankings have been unveiled for various assessments such as NIRF, IIR

IIM Rohtak Ranking 2024: Latest Updates, NIRF Ranking and IIRF Ranking

2023-10-10 09:53:38

IIM Rohtak has secured the 12th rank in Management, consistent with its performance over the years. The institute jumped from 16th to 12th place in th