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Updated on 23rd May, 2024 , 2 min read

Chandigarh University Students Score Disney Internship

Chandigarh University (CU) is excited to announce a noteworthy achievement of their students and institution. An outstanding group of 31 students from diverse fields has scored prestigious internship positions at The Walt Disney Company representing a major milestone in their academic and professional journeys.

Chandigarh University and Walt Disney Collaboration:

The university stated in a press release that this significant collaboration will give students an opportunity to work with international professionals in the entertainment industry and give them a chance to showcase their professional abilities. According to CU, this international collaboration will encourage more students to aspire for higher standards in the future. 

Not only were the students commended for their diligence and hard-work, their mentors and teachers were also praised for pushing the students to success.

How does this internship benefit CU students?

These internships go beyond mere experience; they unlock the student’s creativity, innovation and passion. This brings forward the opportunity to delve into the heart of Disney’s creativity and operational excellence. The students are given a chance to work with some of the industry’s top professionals and are enabled to display their abilities in the form of contributions to projects that captivate global audiences. 

Interning at Disney is not just about boosting one’s CV; it captures one’s professional and personal growth. CU students will engage in diverse roles, from storytelling and animation to technology and business strategy which in turn will test their skills and broaden their horizon beyond the classroom. They will be responsible for shaping the magic and creativity Disney is famous for, gaining firsthand knowledge of the complexities faced by a well-renowned entertainment company. 

Perks of being a Disney Intern:

  • Enriching hands-on training and learning.
  • Healthy work culture and work environment. Every intern is considered a valuable part of the team.
  • Networking. While working in Disney, one must grab the opportunity to network within and outside of their team as this network can help you within and outside of your company. 
  • Name recognition. Working at Disney enables an individual to climb the professional ladder higher. This will enhance your resume and will open many windows of opportunities for your future.
  • Honing new skills. Interns at Disney are never stuck with the same task. Instead, they are trained to work in various sectors, thus making them efficient workers.
  • Discounts. Including your complimentary admission to the theme park, you also get discounts on the food and merchandise.

Celebration of success at Chandigarh University:

This accomplishment is a reflection of the route of hard-work, dedication, vision and sacrifices that a student takes to be successful. The robust education as well as the guidance and support offered by Chandigarh University. This highlights the university’s dedication to providing exceptional career opportunities, making sure that their students are well-equipped to excel in the real world. 

For the 31 brilliant students beginning this journey, the Disney internships mark the start of an unforgettable adventure. They have set out to achieve milestones in a company that has been the cornerstone of the entertainment industry for decades. As they assume their roles, they carry the best wishes and the heartiest of congratulations from the Chandigarh University community.


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