Goodwill Christian College for Women

Goodwill Christian College for Women, Bangalore  Admissions 2024 Bangalore, Karnataka

Estd  ESTD 1999
Building  Private College
checksquare   Approved
checksquare Regulatory Bodies of Higher Education in India

Goodwill Christian College for Women, Bangalore - Admission Reviews


Lavanya L BBA Student

5 years ago

Good college but bad too much politics 4/5

Low fees.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000090000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


Selection Procedure: Based on School / 12th Class Result


Thilini Wijesooriya Student

8 years ago

Overview 5/5

Goodwills Rocks!


Fuzail Khan 13 Student

10 months ago

Overview 1/5

Poor Education Quality: The college doesn’t offer a good education, and students don’t learn much. Bad Treatment of Students and Parents: The way they treat students and parents is disrespectful and rude. Unprofessional Principal: The principal’s behavior is unacceptable, and they don’t show proper manners when talking to parents. No Student Support: The college lacks important services to help students with their problems or guide them academically. Unwelcoming Atmosphere: The college environment is negative and disorganized, making it hard for students to feel comfortable. Lack of Resources: They don’t have enough materials or technology to support learning.$Poor Education Quality Bad treatment of students Unprofessional principal Hidden Policies: The college’s rules and decisions are not clear, leaving students and parents confused. Ignoring Student Development: The college doesn’t focus on building students’ character and life skills