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15th Feb 2020

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How to Identify Fake Notices on CBSE Board Exam During COVID-19 Outbreak?

By: Avantika Bhardwaj on April 04, 2020

CBSE Board Fake Notices – Amid Coronavirus outbreak, most of the entrance examinations along with CBSE and ICSE board have been postponed and the students have already been notified via official notices released on official websites of respective examinations. There have been various instances found where some elements and sources of information spread fake notices about the examinations on various platforms such as social media and messaging services.

There are numerous fake notices, statements, and declarations about entrance, board, and, college exams circulating on various social media platforms. Students would be advised to not pay attention to these fake notices and keep visiting the official website of exam for authentic information.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE), UP Board, and Mumbai University (MU) encountered a few fraud notices on such media platforms and came out to clarify these infirm notifications concerning examination and their evaluation process.

These bodies took decision to either postpone the examinations or their evaluation in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus amongst students and enforce social distancing during lockdown. This step taken by concerned authorities is definitely throwing students' lives into chaos.

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Steps to Assess Fake News

  • Consider the Source

The headline of the information might attract your attention, but it is imperative for you to consider the source of information or where you received this information from. It is advisable to assess the source of information before you trust it. Figure out the list of questionable and unreliable sites.

  • Google to Confirm

Google is one of the most reliable sources that you can rely on without having second thought in mind. Analyze if the same piece of information is being reported by more than one website. If the story is coming from a credible source, then the chances of that information being legit are high.

  • Assess the Evidence

Check if the piece of information is being supported by other affirmations. In the past, it has been recorded that even these legitimate news sources sometimes rely on shaky affirmations to support their notifications.

  • Pause

It would be wise to pause for a moment to assess the notification before instantly linking it or sharing with others. The main agenda is to be safe from fake notices and not to be the source of one.  

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