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Cracking the IBPS PO Interview right

By: R Chandrakala on December 08, 2017

Cracking the IBPS PO interview is a humongous process as only one-third of the candidates who qualify IBPS PO Examinations who will make it to the final selections. The IBPS PO Examination is already over and the candidates would start worrying about their preparation for the IBPS PO interview round.

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In the event of such tough competition in the IBPS PO Selection Procedure, the candidates should keep the following things in mind:

First Impression: The saying that the First Impression is the Best Impression is timeless and ageless. True to that saying, a candidate is expected to be aware of whatever he says in the interview as the outcome of such a procedure could be either negative or positive.

Reading: Never miss out on reading before going for an interview as it always does come to your rescue. Learn about the organization you work for and the position that you have applied for. Track down as much as information as possible and as it may not be possible to remember so much of numeric detail, jot down stuff in terms of what is important for you to remember and what is not.

GK: The candidate should also go through the General Knowledge over a period of every 6 months as there might be segments of the interview where the candidate would be required to engage in conversations involving current affairs.

SWOT: Highlight your key strengths that align with the job role or responsibility that a candidate applies for. Do not pick strengths on the say of someone or some word you just picked up, as whatever personality traits you mention should be inherent in you. Do not fake yourself for the sake of the interview.

Ponder on why you chose Banking: The candidates should also think about why they chose Banking on MNCs as there would be someone on the panel asking questions relating to these. The candidate instead of sounding unrealistic can bring out logical and genuine reasons that base his choices that were made.

Ask: The candidates would be required to ask people who had earlier given interviews and be exposed to the Frequently Asked Questions. Such practice would give the candidates some practice of answering questions and thinking in the required approach.

Personality: Put up a strong personality for the IBPS PO Interview as that by itself would make a good impression. Look confident, answer calmly and be specific to the point. A confused mindset would make you beat around the bush unnecessarily not quite portraying a strong image about you.

All the Best!

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