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Important Things to Know About LIC AAO Job Profile

By: Archana on March 13, 2019

Life Insurance Company (LIC) of India has recently announced 590 vacancies across India for the post of Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO).  A number of aspirants are in dilemma over the job profile of an LIC AAO, which is stopping them to apply for the examination.


Most of the students are divided between the banking sector and insurance sector jobs, not being sure about the profiles with maximum career options. In fact, the number of applications received every year for banking job profiles is always much large in number when compared to insurance job profiles. One of the most obvious reasons for discrimination probably is the number of vacancies released in the banking sector is always more than the insurance sector. Also, the frequency at which the banking examinations like SBI Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk conducted is very high.

Most of the student crowd is also not very aware of the job opportunities available in the insurance sector like LIC AAO. So in the article, we will try to explain the various parameters of LIC AAO Job Profile, which will help a candidate to clear the basic doubts that come with the career in the insurance sector. Also, it will help the candidate to decide whether to take LIC AAO 2019 Exam or not.

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LIC AAO Job Profile:

A candidate serving the post of Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) mainly needs to take care of administrative functions of the company and not much of direct communication with the clients or customers. Some of the key responsibility of an AAO is mentioned as below:

  • To inspect and analyze the current policies running in the company
  • Amend the current policies and plan new ones
  • Process the claims made by customers
  • Communicating the information across the departments

Does AAO job need a lot of Travelling?

Assistant Administrative Officer doesn't have to travel much for business purposes and client interactions. However, if there is requirement one have to visit other company locations for policy discussion and certain assignments.

LIC AAO Salary Structure:

Salary of an Assistant Administrative Officer at LIC is Rs. 32,795 per month with an annual increment of Rs 1,610 for the next 14 years followed by making the basic pay Rs. 55,335 after 14 years. Then there will be an annual increment of Rs 1,745 for the next 4 years and basic pay after the next 4 years will be Rs 62,315.

  • Apart from the salary, there is House Rent Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance and Travel Allowance for AAOs which is different depending upon the location of the job.
  • The other benefits of the jobs include medical benefits, defined contributory pension, gratuity, Group Mediclaims, Accident Insurance and vehicle loans.

Job Locations:

The job of Assistant Administrative Officer is transferable and the candidate needs to move to different locations of the LIC branches in every 3 to 4 years depending upon the requirements. Unlike the banking sector, most of the LIC offices are located in cities and urban locations which eliminate the chance of serving a rural location.

Career Aspects:

LIC is one of the biggest insurance companies in the public sector and provides a lot of opportunities to grow within the company and early promotions. There are two career growth paths at LIC as described below:

  • Candidate gets promoted from Assistant Administrative Officer to Administrative Officer within a few years depending on the performance and vacancy.
  • If the candidate is eligible to get transferred to a different department, there is a high chance of getting promoted to Assistant Branch Manager followed Branch Manager.

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