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17th May 2020

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Important Topics of JEE Advanced 2019; Which Needs More Focus

By: Archana on February 28, 2019

Thousands of candidates appeared for JEE Main 2019 with a dream to make their way through JEE Advanced 2019 and finally to the top IITs of India. The competition is very high as the number of applicants are increasing with every passing year only a well-structured study plan and preparation strategies will make sure the candidate get through the stages of examinations.


As the JEE Advanced Syllabus contains topics from both class 11 and class 12, the syllabus is vast, covering all the topics and components of each subject is near to impossible. The key is to sort out the important topics which will help you score more marks in the examination. Now the question arises how to determine which topic is actually an “Important Topic for JEE Advanced”. We are here to help you select the important topics after analyzing last year question papers. There are few topics which are frequently asked in JEE Advanced and we listed down such topics subject wise for the aspirants to make sure you achieve a good score in JEE Advanced 2019.  

What to read for the maximum score in JEE Advanced?

Before start preparing the important topics it is advisable to know the exam pattern and entire syllabus deeply and then the candidate can go further and prepare the important topics to guarantee an improved performance during the examination.

Candidates can refer to the important chapters during minute preparation of the exam, however, it should not be the only topics one must be reading. Candidate should be aware of the entire topics of the syllabus with all the concepts clear because important topics can help you score good but well-prepared entire syllabus will help you grab engineering seat in the top-notch college of the country.

The topics of each subject are here divided into two segments, the first segment consist of topics of high weightage and the next one is topics of low weightage.  Now the point of focus is why are we discriminating certain topics as high weightage while the other as low weightage? Well, the topics which are very high scoring and needs more practice, time, effort and understanding are high weightage topics and vice versa is true for low weightage topics of JEE Advanced.

Here is the list of topics of JEE Advanced to score better:


High Weightage Topics

Low Weightage Topics

1.    Heat and Thermodynamics

1.    Heat Transfer

2.    Ray Optics

2.    Fluids

3.    Gravitation

3.    Nuclear Physics and X-Rays

4.    Wave Optics

4.    Work, Energy and Power

5.    Photoelectric Efforts

5.    Units and Measurements

6.    Oscillations

6.    Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

7.    Electromagnetic Waves

7.    Circular Motion

8.    Error and Instrument Analysis

8.    Laws of Motion

9.    Waves and Sound

9.    Communication Systems

10.   Properties of Matter

10.   Centre of Mass and Collisions

11.   Kinematics


12.   Electrostatics


13.   Rotation


14.   Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism


15.   Current Electricity and Capacitors


16.   Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current.




High Weightage Topics

Low Weightage Topics

1.    Chemical Bonding

1.    Chemical Equilibrium

2.    Periodic Table

2.    Redox and Volumetric Analysis

3.    Atomic Structure

3.    Solutions

4.    Aromatic Compounds

4.    Hydrocarbons

5.    Gaseous and Liquid State

5.    Mole Concept

6.    Electrochemistry

6.    Nitrogen Compounds and Aliphatic Amines

7.    Chemical Kinetics

7.    Ionic Equilibrium

8.    General Organic Chemistry

8.    Biomolecules and Polymers

9.    Isomerism


10.   Carboxylic Acids and derivations




High Weightage Topics

Low Weightage Topics

1.    3-Dimensional Geometry

1.    Trigonometric Equations

2.    Vectors

2.    Statistics

3.    Straight Line, Circle

3.    Mathematical Logic

4.    Probability Distribution

4.    Set and Relation

5.    Determinant and Matrices

5.    Height and Distance

6.    Limits, Continuity and Differentiability

6.    Properties of Triangle

7.    Complex Numbers

7.    Permutations and Combinations

8.    Quadratic Equation

8.    Indefinite Integral

9.    Binomial Theorem

9.    Trigonometric Ratio and Functions

10.   Conic Sections


By going through the syllabus, one must be aware that the topics are from a variety of sections and needs to be prepared with a lot of dedication as well as time. Time distribution is the key to cover the maximum topics and a forward step to what we call a good preparation game. The candidate who can complete these topics with all the concepts cleared will have a very strong chance to qualify JEE Advanced and get into the dream Indian Institute of Technology.

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