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25th Nov 2018

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CAT 2018: How to Score 99 Percentile in Verbal Ability

By: Sakshi Awasthi on September 17, 2018

The CAT examination has evolved over the last 6 years. Every year there are a few new changes introduced in the examination. Last year the time duration of the examination was increased to 180 minutes whereas this year IIM Calcutta notified that there will be less Multiple-Choice Questions this year. The candidates will be given 34 questions in English Section which must be completed within 60 minutes. The English section will comprise of questions based on Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension. It's difficult to score a good percentile in this section, however, a smart approach can make your journey easier and will surely help in scoring well in CAT 2018 examination which is scheduled to be conducted on November 25, 2018.

The Verbal Reasoning and Reading Comprehension section test the candidate's understanding and usage of English Grammar. The reading comprehension is further divided into statistical, descriptive and analytical types. This section carries questions on vocabulary, arrangement of paragraphs, sentence correction, identification of types of sentences and much more.


How to Improve your Vocabulary?

Read More and More: Try to read as much as possible esp. novels, magazines, and newspapers. While reading, meticulously observe the new words and try to derive its meaning from the context in which it has been used and search for its meaning.

Use Dictionary: Always keep dictionary handy while reading. Whenever you find a new word, search its meaning along with synonyms. You can always make a separate copy of the words you are leaning on a daily basis and try to use those words as much as possible.

Play Word Power Games: Play word games that challenge you and discover new words and their meaning. This will enhance your learning as it's a comparatively entertaining way of learning. You can always try crossword puzzles, anagrams, word jumble, scramble and boggle.

Engage in Conversations: Try to engage in conversation with your friends and family and make sure you use the words you are learning on daily basis. This will make you practice what you are learning, additionally, you may also learn new words used by others.

How to Improve your Grammar?

Commit to Improve: English Grammar is one of those sections where you score easily if you know the concepts. If you really want to improve your grammar, then make a commitment to yourself and work regularly on it. At times you may start finding it boring and switch to other things. Stick to it until you complete the whole syllabus.

Keep a Grammar book handy: Whenever you are reading something, make sure to keep a grammar book handy. Try to clear any concept you find different while reading other things, and make sure you understand the concept behind its usage.

Practice Regularly: Alike Mathematics, you can never master Grammar without practice. Try to take a sample paper or any English grammar test regularly to check your improvements and work on the areas where you are lagging back.

Write More in English: You may find writing boring, but this will surely help in improving your English. You can make it interesting by writing posts on your Instagram, FB or Twitter account in English, rather than writing in your mother tongue.  

How to Score well in Reading Comprehension?

Read More: To enhance your understanding of reading comprehension, try to read newspapers and magazines. Don't avoid big paragraphs or the topics which you don't find interesting. You don't know which kind of comprehension you may have to face in the examination.

Analyze the Passage: Try to analyze the construction of passages and meaning of words and sentences and figure out the context in which they had been used in the passage. Try to figure out the writers' main idea and purpose. Read the passage slowly at least 2-3 times for better understanding.

Practice Regularly: Try to solve a minimum of 2-3 comprehension daily. This section can surely help you in securing a perfect mark and it's not that difficult to score well in it. Regular practice of comprehension may enhance your skills in attaining a Perfect Score.

You can always take Mock Tests to analyze your preparations. This will provide you with an understanding of your weaker areas. Work on your weaknesses and master them as soon as possible as the examination is approaching in next 60 days! 

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