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30th May 2020
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AIIMS 2020 Preparation Tips

By: Sakshi Awasthi on December 07, 2018

1. Don't over-expect. Don't take an extra pressure on your head for AIIMS preparation. The other tensions are already enough. 

2. Just keep cool and prepare but keep in mind that for any other PMT and so also AIIMS you should go through the text thoroughly.

3. Don't simply cram facts. Understanding is more important and definitely pays when required.

4. Don't hesitate to clear your doubts. Don't have that feeling that you don't know anything. Everyone has his doubts. After all, a rose also has thorns. You are the rose and have to remove your thorns one by one.

5. Start from the important topics so that they are not left out.

6. Try to do the maximum. But remember that you cannot remember everything. It's human to forget. Caution: Don't try to make this tip an excuse. You must remember the maximum as I said, if not everything. After all the competition demands you to be perfect.

6. Share problems with parents. Be it be related to your emotions or to your preparation. This will let you come back on track and concentrate on your studies again.

7. Concentrate on your G.K. You need to keep a track of the events of the past year, besides the basic facts. (HINT: Nobel prizes and other awards are very important)

8. Have a clear concept. This will help you maximum during assertion-reason type questions solving.

9. Read quality magazines like Exams Today and not just any others of the plethora available on the bookstalls. These magazines present a wider application of the various concepts related to your studies. Such concepts are often asked in the AIIMS paper as an assertion-reason type or in the conventional MCQ type questions. I found ETG (EduSys) test series and correspondence course material useful for the AIIMS PMT preparation.

10. Read HYFs available in the above-mentioned magazines and correspondence course to revise a day before the examination as there is no time to go through the entire books again.

11. Positivity is imperative. A grumbling, constantly irritated nature will not take you anywhere. Yes, you have a lot of stress on your head but a positive attitude will help you keep your cool in tough times.

12. Health is everything. Exams are tough and that's why you need to pay even more attention to your health during this time. Get enough sleep and eat healthily. A bad headache or even a simple stomach on the D-day can mess up all your hard work of two years.

AIIMS 2020 Syllabus

AIIMS Syllabus would be covering questions from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and also General Knowledge. Once candidates get their admit card, they can start preparing as per their syllabus. AIIMS exam would be conducted in a time period of 3.5 hours

The Syllabus is an exhaustive list of topics that are usually tested and are prepared on the basis of questions that have been tested in the previous years. The Candidates are advised to invest ample time in AIIMS Preparation. While Physics and Chemistry are touted to be the toughest among various sections, Biology and General Knowledge are considered to be easier sections from the point of view of scoring. The Candidates are also advised to maintain a log of their competence in various topics and align practice towards those sections in which they feel more practice may be required.

AIIMS 2020 Exam Pattern

AIIMS MBBS Entrance Examination would have one paper that consists of 200 Objective Type Questions (Multiple Choice and Reason Assertion Type) concerning Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Knowledge. Refer to this table below for distribution.

Subject Number of Questions
Physics 60
Chemistry 60
Biology 60
General Knowledge 10
Aptitude and Logical Thinking 10

The standard of the examination has been set to 10+2 intermediate Science. No syllabus as such has been prescribed by the Institute for the AIIMS MBBS Examination.

An Automated Question Paper in English or Hindi would be made to appear as per the choice of the candidates. Applicants must indicate in the form whether they prefer to have the question paper in either of these languages. Choice cannot be changed later.

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