Colleges with Best Canteen - 2018 - Winners

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

Kharagpur, West Bengal

IIT KGP has its own Food Monitoring Committee. Billoos (famous for its Punjabi food), Dreamland-Sahara, Hot Bite, Heritage etc.are some of the famous eateries.

Christ University (CU)

Bangalore, Karnataka

The canteen is a best place to chill and Christ university offers a wide range of cuisines like South Indian, North Indian, Chinese. You name it and they have it.

Mount Carmel College - Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka

The popular hangouts points on campus are the “Main Canteen” and several smaller food kiosks like Chat Shop, Momo Hut, Nescafe stall etc.

The Cafeteria offers everything like Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Malaysian, Indian, Arabian and other kinds of food. A boon for every food lover.

The canteen is located on the ground floor of the building. It is very well ventilated and has a seating arrangement of more than 100 students at a time.

MOP Vaishnav College For Women

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The crispy and filling chilli parotta is one of the best dishes served in the college.

A well appointed Dining Hall and a Multi-cusine Cafeteria with serene environment makes it best.

KL University (KLU)

Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Mini cafes and fast-food centres are available in various blocks, canteen offers a wide variety of North-Indian and South-Indian cuisine in a hygienic environment

RIET canteen has a neat and tidy surroundings. Plastic bags less than 10 microns are not permitted inside the campus.

Sharda University (SU)

Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Sharda University has about 10 cafeterias in various blocks, they function on the 'Pay as you eat concept'. Lego House, Amul Milk Parlour, Urban Thali, Café Coffee Day, Nestle are few popular joints that are running in the campus.

The campus is huge with the best canteen that offers a variety of food to the students.

Chandigarh University (CU)

Chandigarh, Punjab

There are outlets including grab and go salads, sandwiches at great value. There are on-campus tuck- shops which provide convenience groceries, grab and go snacks.

AIMS Institutes

Bangalore, Karnataka

Students have delicious option of Chinese, North Indian and South Indian cuisines at reasonable price. Canteen functions from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Chitkara University

Chandigarh, Punjab

Professional dieticians design the food menu, it offer nutritious and wholesome food to ensure a well-balanced diet. Fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, ice creams sundaes and even midnight snacks are available in the cafeteria.

Institute has a wide spread, modern cafeteria which fulfils the fooding requirements of the students.

Delicious food, great ambience and appreciable hospitality make the canteen one of the best.

An excellent canteen is serving not only Mouth Watering but also hygienic food at affordable rates.

Canteen offers delicious food at affordable rates, good hospitality is one of the main criteria why students feel it is best.

Canteen is a place where you relax and Priyadarshini canteen is one such place, it also has a ‘bird watching’ spot.

Manav Rachna University

Faridabad, Haryana

Some of the popular eating joints are "Hot Embers" and "Hunger Cure" that offers vie variety of tasty food.

The college has four separate canteens and Nescafe Parlor / Milk Parlor located in the campus. The food items are sold at subsidized rates.

A Canteen satisfy the needs of students and staff with a variety of delicious food items at affordable rates.

Tantalizing aromas of food waft over the clean & hygienic sitting area of the cafeteria. The atmosphere is spacious, clean and hospitable.

Rejuvenate the tired spirits through lip smacking delicacies, Canteen can conveniently accommodate 500 students at a time.

PSG College of Arts and Science

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

PSG canteen has a good capacity and offers lot of variety of food. Students love the canteen food and its hospitality.

According to College cafeteria "Rungta Seldom will you miss your mom’s Home Food". The canteen serves a wide variety of snacks as well as North Indian and South Indian dishes prepared in hygienic conditions.

Chitkara University food court serves all delicacies keeping in mind the health quotient. Canteen has a comfortable and hospitable ambience

College has resturant named "Dreamz Resturant" where people get lot of food options

Spacious Canteen with Latest equipment and Hygienic environment which provides Quality food and Prompt services and caters the need of all students and staff.

Freshly cooked, hot food and pre-packaged snacks, cold drinks, water and juices are some of the specilality of the canteen.

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